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A woman wanted to reach her

husband on his mobile phone but

discovered that she was out of

credit, she instructed her son to use

his own phone to pass across an

urgent message to his daddy who

was on site. After junior had called,

he got back to Mommy to inform

her that there was a lady that

picked up Daddy's phone the three

times he tried reaching Dad on the

mobile. She waited impatiently for

her husband to return from work

and upon seeing him in the

driveway; she rushed out and gave

him a tight slap. Then she slapped

him again for good measure.

People from the neighbourhood

rushed around to find out what the

cause of the commotion was. The

woman asked junior to tell

everybody what the lady said to him

when he called. Junior said: "The

subscriber you have dialled is not

available at present. Please try

again later!




The past couple of months have seen us changing our address, our logo,

introductions of uniforms and uplifting marketing strategies - all in the name of

improving everything about RMS. We want to be number One in all our clients`

(new and old) books! We have a goal and we have motivation and we have a plan!

We even have a page on the (in)famous Facebook! We always pride ourselves on

outstanding service levels and WANT to get some feedback from our clients!


We thought it a good idea to “educate” our clients in some Insurance

Terminology. So for the first few issues this will be our topics of discussion. Our

first word will be “INDEMNITY”. Indemnity is the placing of the insured (you the

client) in the same financial position after a loss as he was in immediately prior to

the occurrence. (This is of course not applicable to life insurance.)A far simpler

explanation is that if you are driving a vehicle with a broken aerial and have a

bumper accident, only your bumper will be repaired by your insurers and the

onus of your broken aerial still lies by you.


Burglaries occur between 2am and 4am in the morning and 90% are through the

roof. They lift the roof tiles, cut the plastic cover and kick the ceiling panel out and

gain access. This takes 30-40 seconds.

Three different colours are used to indicate target difficulty:

Red be prepared to use armed force or will encounter


White easy target

Green go ahead – all clear (nobody home!!)

Blue somebody on premises will provide assistance

These indicators are placed on the pavement outside your property in different

forms. In certain cases, red rope has been used or white stones. It could also be

a plastic bag tied to the branch of a shrub, a tree or grass. It could be grass

knotted in a bundle. They have previously also used pieces of metal or plastic

which have been stuck into the ground. Please check outside of your properties

on a regular basis and remove any identification marks that you find. Would be

criminals follow people home from shopping centres (ladies). Ladies are

advised not to wear expensive jewelery or flash large sums of money

around shopping centres, have entered boomed areas and have been

robbed at their premises within the closed off areas. Please be aware of

what and who is around you at shopping centres. And who may be following you



ReMember thiS

RMS can provide you with any type of short term insurance cover and we have

agencies with many Insurers, from the most well known to the lesser known!

Make sure you and your belongings are adequately insured – call us today for a


Issue 1 Sep 08


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